3 W, 80 fs, Titanium Sapphire Oscillator tunable between 700 - 950 nm (Spectra Physics Tsunami)

Inspire OPO pumped by Tsunami generates 130 fs pulses with wavelength tunability in visible (500 - 750 nm) and infrared (1000 nm - 2500 nm)

100 mW Voltran Stradus 405 nm laser and 35 mW Melles Griot 532 nm laser that can be digitally modulated to generate 2 ns pulses (variable repetition rate: single-shot to 100 MHz)

Narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers: Toptica DL Pro 780 (765 - 805 nm); iDPhotonics CoBrite (2x Telecom C-band)

Miscellaneous diode and He-Ne lasers for alignment.



4 K helium closed-cycle, table-top cryostat  (Montana Instruments) with room-temperature high-NA optical access and RF+DC sample connections. Rapid sample exchange allows quick characterization of single-emitters. [Fully operational with a home-built confocal microscope capable of single-emitter as well as ensemble measurements]

4 K helium closed-cycle, table-top cryostat with a 7 T superconducting magnet (Cold Edge Tech) and sample mounted on a 3-axis nanopositioner stack (JPE). Electrical, free-space, and fiber-optic access to the sample. [Setup for investigating spin physics of quantum emitters coupled to nanophotonic structures]



Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors system (0.8 K cryostat) with multiple fiber-coupled, low-jitter, high-efficiency detectors for detecting infrared photons (PhotonSpot).

Photoluminiscence spectroscopy with Horiba iHR 550 monochromator equipped with: 1) Princeton Instruments Pixis 256 and 2) Andor iDus InGaAs 1.7.

Photonic Sciences InGaAs camera (640x512) extended range and cooled to -20 oC.

Multiple GigE Allied Vision silicon cameras with NIR enhanced sensors.

Miscellaneous InGaAs and Si photodiodes and lock-in amplifiers.


Wavefront shaping

Ultrawide range wavefront shaping setup (850 nm - 2500 nm) using a Vialux V650L-NIR DMD module for wavefront shaping through complex optical media and multimode fibers.

Home-built, high damage threshold pulse shaper for ultrafast laser pulses in the near-infrared.

iatl UIOWA


We utilize various advanced micro-/nanofabrication tools available at the MATFab Facility for realizing photonic structures. The MATFab facility hosts:

Raith Voyager (50 kV electron beam lithography system)

Oxford Instruments Plasma Pro 100 Cobra (ICP-RIE) for dry etching III-V materials

Angstrom Engineering e-beam evaporator

Several other lithography and characterization tools.