Fall 2022

PHYS3756: Intermediate Lab

Spring 2022

PHYS:2704 : Physics IV covers Modern Physics that includes concepts developed since the start of 20th century such as Special Relativity, Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics, and Solid-state Physics. The learning objectives of the course are: 1) Understand the experimental and conceptual background that led to the re-examination of the “classical physics” principles. 2) Learn about the experiments that led to this transformation of our understanding. 3) Develop calculus-based problem solving skills.

The course had an enrollment of 38 with the lectures being delivered in person with live in-lecture demos.

Spring 2021

 PHYS:1400 (000A and 000B): Basic Physics - This course covers selected topics in classical and modern physics such as mechanics, fluids, heat, electrical circuits, and modern physics.It is commonly taken by students to meet pre-professional requirements in pharmacy, medical technology, nursing, and speech pathology. Most of the necessary math is developed in this course.  Exams, homework, and quizzes are used (along with lab work for the 4 s.h. 000B option) for grading. The course enrolment was 78, with 28 students opting for the lecture+lab section.

The course was delivered online using Zoom and ICON platforms.